Meetings and explorations

Ignite will take the work of the British painter William Turner ‘The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons’ as the main source of inspiration. Turner based this painting on an actual event where a fire engulfed the Houses of Parli... see more »
Transcription of Colour explores on Constructivism, the last and most influential modern art movement to flourish in Russia in the 20th century. The main source of inspiration for this work comes from László Moholy Nagy's painting “Constr... see more »
Juanjo's inspiration for Fingers in the Air reflects on 'Voting', a concept that has immersed our lives, from politics to tv show to dating apps...but does it really matter what we choose? In this work the audience will have the chanc... see more »
Witnesses – ‘Murder on the Orient Express’
Choreography Juanjo Arqués Company Junior Ballett Dortmund Composer György Ligeti - Lontano Costume and Set Design Tatyana van Walsum Lighting Design Bonnie Beecher World Premiere 2017 Forum am Schlosspark Ludwigsburg Dancers Beatr... see more »
'Juanjo Arqués opened the proceedings with a breakthrough, Homo Ludens. In this creation, he plays abstract games with an urgent flute concerto by French composer Marc-André Dalbavie. In the lead role, the virtuosic Young Gyu Choi directe... see more »
For his new work Fresas (Strawberries), specially created for Jheronimus Bosch Festival, Arques was inspired by Bosch's most famous painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights”, which has plenty of symbolism and different interpretatio... see more »
"BLINK" is a dynamic work for five energetic dancers playing the field of love and physical competence, viewed with a youthful eye and plenty of humour. The ballet is set to Max Richter’s arrangement of the Spring section from V... see more »
The initial inspiration for the work developed through the geometric patterns of labyrinths, which further led to a study of the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur. These references enabled the discovery of a movement language based aroun... see more »
A reflection on the stages of a relationship starting from the present and then regressing, focusing on routines, compromise, passion and animalistic. Rewind was created for the 2015 opening season Gala of Het National Ballet, Amsterdam. ... see more »
The idea that life’s a roulette is the premise of ‘Roulette’ by Juanjo Arques in collaboration with visual artist Krijn de Koning. The unpredictability of what happens when we meet someone and the consequences of those meetings between tw... see more »
The concept behind Consequence questions the metaphysical theme of the ever-evolving relationships found between Nature, Man and Technology. Juanjo was inspired by the evolution of the philosophical concept of the ‘Sublime’, ranging fro... see more »
Arques was invited to choreograph a new ballet for the Origen Festival Cultural in Switzerland, a festival that dedicated its tenth season to Charlemagne – one of the most powerful Medieval sovereign. Here is a little trailer, with Du... see more »
Unsound is a co-production between Juanjo and the German/American choreographer Heidi Vierthaler for the artists of Compañia Nacional de Danza in Spain. Juanjo & Heidi chose a study of the actions/emotions realised daily by human bein... see more »
Icônes de l’Art Moderne: la collection Chtchoukine. Film directors Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway have been invited by the Louis Vuitton Foundation to be part with a video installation to the exhibition: Icônes de l'art Moderne: la... see more »
The work takes as a reference the notion of Exodus and links it to our contemporary world, in which we witness mass migration as a result of war, poverty, politics and religious conflicts. This moving, but up beat piece focuses around ... see more »
Why do people travel around the world? What drives people to leave their homeland? Are they looking for economic success, are they escaping from poverty or is it the pursuit of happiness? This ballet takes as a reference the exodu... see more »
BITES, my new ballet for the 2nd year students from Codarts. On this work I became interested in the phenomenon of online dating, experiences that allows individuals to contact with other people, with objectives of developing a sexual rel... see more »
April is a new ballet created for the New York Choreographic Institute in collaboration with composer Katerina Kramarchuck. Five advanced students from the School of American Ballet show their talent and technique on a fresh, energetic a... see more »
"INSTAR" was premiered during the Fashion Week Amsterdam 2015. A collaboration with talented designer David Laport and film director Mathieu Gremillet. This video was inspired largely by insects, their environment, behaviour, mo... see more »
#BOOGIE is a the result a of two weeks workshop for Continuum Contemporary Ballet finance by the Omscholing Dancers Netherlands. The inspiration for this project comes from Mondrian's last painting, Broadway Boogie Woogie(1942-43) Th... see more »
At the end of October 2014, Performing Gender project was back to Bologna! Cristina Henriquez, Juanjo Arques, Riccardo Buscarini and Vlasta Delimar have returned to the MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna in order to stage five new... see more »
Juanjo Arques is working on VASLAV, a Joop van den Ende production for DeLaMar Theater based on Arthur Japin's novel of the world famous ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky directed by Paul Eenens. Juanjo's task is to be the artistic coach of t... see more »
Choreography: Juanjo Arques Performing Gender. MAMbo Museum, Bologna. Estreno Absoluto explores the research process of a new identity, an ambiguous vision between masculine and feminine. A choreographic experiment on the limitations ... see more »
Juanjo is currently working on his latest creation Crossroads for Whim W'Him, a platform centered around choreography and dance for artists to explore their craft through innovation and collaboration. "Crossroads in time and place... see more »
Performing Gender is a European dance project making use of artistic and cultural tools to open up a civil reflection on gender and sexual orientation differences, seen as sources of values and richness for the whole European society. Pe... see more »
In Hidden Waves was created for the Dutch National Ballet's League dinner. The piece took Arques into the realm of the narrative dance work. The premise centred on a mature relationship, and how comfort can cause the loss of communication... see more »
This interdisciplinary dance project explored the possibilities between dancers, motion graphics, stage-set design, and light and audio in an interactive live approach. The collaboration across choreography, spatial design, and dynamicall... see more »