Transcription of Color explores on Constructivism, the last and most influential modern art movement to flourish in Russia in the 20th century. The main source of inspiration for this work comes from László Moholy Nagy's painting “Construction A II” in dialogue with John Adams's orchestral score “Harmonielehre”.

Thinking the music as a canvas and the choreography as the movements of paintbrushes in different colors. On the base of Construction A II by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy the libretto for A II - Transcription of Color is written. The analysis of the colors and shapes in this painting is used as a starting point for a timeline and the development in the choreography, translating the colors to movement material.

The timeline of exits and entrances of different colors interlaces with the dramatic movement in the music; a dialogue between Construction A II and John Adams’ Harmonielehre. From this dialogue the dramaturgy of the ballet is written. See the full ballet

‘The refined and dynamic music by John Adams, filled with references of composers of different eras,  is in dialogue with the expressive yet elegant dance interpretation of Juanjo Arqués, which opens to the spectator as a new forms, ideas and thoughts’— KASSIR.RU

Choreography Juanjo Arqués
Music John Adams Dramaturge Fabienne Vegt Set Juanjo Arqués & Fabienne Vegt Costumes Oliver Haller
Lights Kostya Binkin
Assistant Jose Carlos Blanco 
Company Theater Ballet Moscow. World première June 2018 - Moscow, Russia.