I would describe myself as a choreographer who mixes neo-classical traditions with the influences that I have accumulated during my life and career. These influences includes dance, art, new media, historical periods and their ideals, mythology, literature, architecture as well as sculptural form.

This creates a ‘cloud’ of creation that enables me to develop a very personal form of dance within the classical form, continually pushing the boundaries of recognised dance/theaters conventions.

Music fascinates and inspires me, it is integral to all my work. I always search for music that has a strong identity and distinctive themes. As such, I collaborate closely with composers when they write music for my ballets.

I like to work with creative people who give me feedback and challenge my work - people who want to explore and don’t just want to be told what to do. Similarly, I would like audiences to approach my work with open- and liberal- minded spirit. I believe the end product can be witnessed as a dynamic painting of movement that allows for a number of individuals interpretations, all different but heading in the same ground breaking direction.