portal - concept


A ballet created for Acosta Danza

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A contemporary dance work using Cuba as its geographic and emotional setting. An island of contrasts, that communicate through its inhabitants in many differing ways. Cuban culture is addressed. Portal focuses on seven dancers, individuals, Cubans. It aim to tell their relation to their homeland both public display and private musings. The sense of community, the complex past, a present lived day by day and a future with very different predictions.

Arqués uses his personal approach of individual/emotional based movement to bring an original perspective of Cuba, being Cuban, and what that means to the Cubans of the 21st century.


Choreography:Juanjo Arqués

Music: Ariwo

Set: Juanjo Arqués and Maykel González

Lighting: Bonnie Beecher

Costumes: Natalie de Koning

Assistant: Yaday Ponce

Premiere February 2019 Acosta Danza

Length: 23 min


Copyright © Juanjo Arqués. All rights reserved