Dutch National Opera & Ballet 


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‘Juanjo Arques, a former company soloist made a strong statement with the only premiere of the evening, Rewind. The subtlety and depth of the relationship showed his debt to van Manen – not at all a bad thing – especially when delivered in Arques distinctive post-modern style. He paired two very different dancers, Suzanna Kaic, a dancer who excels at high intensity and Vito Mazzeo, tall, cool and collected. The opening was something of a battle between the two dressed in baggy shirts, the cut and thrust punctuated by taut positions. However after stripping off to minimal dancewear, the music and the mood changed dramatically introducing a more intimate relationship, albeit one that was still uncertain and intriguing. It was a stylish and distinctive work from a choreographer who is fast making his mark on the international scene’
— Maggie Foyer for Critical Dance

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